Concert “Bach, Sons and Friends Go Classic” - Yuko Inoue, fortepiano | Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord

To put an harpsichord and an fortepiano together in a concert is rare, but it makes sense in a program that pays homage to Beethoven from a less visited perspective: the composers who populated the musical universe of his childhood and early youth, that is, his training as a keyboard instrumentalist. Thus, we will visit various composers  and their transition styles that mediated between the Baroque and the affirmation of Viennese Classicism, starting with the sons of Bach. And for transition styles, instruments in transition: it would be common then, the coexistence of harpsichords and fortepianos. Like tonight, after all.

Bernardo Mariano

13 November 2020, 20:30 - Sto. Amaro Chapel (Misericórdia)
Attention: New schedule
Due to the new governmental indications on the closing time of cultural activities, we were obliged to anticipate the start time of all West Coast 2020 concerts to 20.30. Consequently, the collection of your tickets will be available from 19:30 pm at the concert venue. We're thankful for your comprehension.



Bach, Sons and Friends go Classic
Harpsichord duo ”DuoÆ” 
Yuko Inoue, pianoforte
Ketil Haugsand, cravo

Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713 - 1780)
Concerto in a-minor, for two harpsichords
Allegro —Affettuoso Allegro

Carl-Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714 - 1788)
Sonate in e-minor, Wq 49/3 Allegro
Andante Allegro assai

 Johann Christian Bach (1735 - 1782)
Sonata in a-major for harpsichord, four hands, Op. 18/5 
Tempo di Menuetto 


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)
A ’mirrored’ fugue from ”Die Kunst der Fuge”, BWV 1080

Carl-Philipp Emanuel Bach
Sonata g-minor Wq 65/17 
Allegro assai

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710 - 1784)
Concerto in f-major for two harpsichords 
Allegro moderato 
Andante Presto