To be part of MAAC association is to be part of a work group that shares the passion for Ancient Music and which aims to contribute to the dissemination of Portuguese musical heritage, through the organization of musical events - festivals, concerts, workshops, masterclasses, courses -; actions to recover and raise awareness of the Portuguese musical heritage; organisation of intensive courses; music editions; and promotion of musicology studies.

MAAC develops its action in Portugal and abroad, being the entity in the country that promotes the highest number of activities in order to contribute to the increase of the critical mass in the Portuguese Early Music field. It also promotes the integration of specialized musicians in the professional environment.

According to the statutes, the categories of MAAC members are as follows:

1. Founding partners;
2. Ordinary members;
3. Collective members;
4. Honorary members;

Founding members are those who have signed the foundation deed of the Association; Ordinary members, can be all researchers, scholars in the field of Music, musicians and people interested in musical heritage; Collective Members are all legal persons that develop activities of study and support to Music and musical heritage; Honorary Members are all individual or collective persons that provide relevant services to the association.

To become a member, it is enough to express your intention by writing an e-mail addressed to the MAAC direction, and your full integration is ratified in the General Assembly.