Concert "Beethoven and the violin" Florian Deuter and Yuko Inoue

The festival’s opening concert program celebrates the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. A year that should have been a Beethoven celebration turned into a year of tragedies on a global scale, but even in the darkest state of mind, the vital and affirmative force of Beethoven's music will always incite humanity to the light. Something he knew well himself: the works that we will hear in this concert are close to or contemporary to the realization of his own hearing loss. A desperation he overcame because of his conviction for music that he still needed to write.

Bernardo Mariano

6 November 2020, 20:30 - Sto. Amaro Chapel (Misericórdia)
Attention: New schedule
Due to the new governmental indications on the closing time of cultural activities, we were obliged to anticipate the start time of all West Coast 2020 concerts to 20.30. Consequently, the collection of your tickets will be available from 19:30 pm at the concert venue. We're thankful for your comprehension.



Ludwig van Beethoven and the violino [1770~1827]
Florian Deuter, violin
Yuko Inoue, fortepiano


Fortepiano and violin sonata in a-minor, Op. 23
    Andante scherzoso più Allegretto 
    Allegro molto

7 Bagatelles, Op. 33
    Andante grazioso, quasi allegretto
    Scherzo allegro
    Allegro, ma non troppo
    Allegro quasi Andante, Con una certa espressione parlante

Fortepiano and violin sonata in c-minor, Op. 30/2
    Allegro con brio
    Adagio cantabile
    Scherzo: Allegro - Trio 
    Finale: Allegro