VI Faro International Baroque Music Festival


08 FEB 2020


29 FEB 2020


Faro, Portugal

The Faro International Festival of Baroque Music (FIMBF) started its activities in 2015 under the name Faro's Baroque Music Cycle under the direction of Francisco Rosado, a pioneer in Portugal in the dissemination of the extraordinary repertoires of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Since her disappearance in 2016, the flutist and music director Filipa Oliveira took over the direction of the festival, continuing her valuable work as a cultural programmer. The Festival is organized by MAAC - Música Antiga Associação Cultural, a non-profit association, with an important role in the dissemination of ancient music in Portugal and in the training of young musicians at the beginning of their careers who wish to enter this professional area. . In addition to organizing various festivals and presentations of ancient music all over the country (Oeiras, Castelo Branco, Almeida), the association organizes the International Courses of Ancient Music - CIMA - in Idanha-a-Nova, a training platform for young people interpreters, where internationally renowned artists are dedicated to sharing their professional experience with participants from all over Europe. The partnership that MAAC has developed with the Municipality of Faro since 2016 made it possible to carry out the FIMBF along the lines we currently know.


08 Feb 2020
19:00 Capela Joanina (PT)
Faro, Carmo Church
15 Feb 2020
19:00 Ensemble Allettamento & Guests (ES)
Faro, Sta Bárbara de Nexe, Main Church
22 Feb 2020
19:00 Skip Sempé (harpsichord) and Julien Martin (recorder) (FR)
Faro, São Pedro's Church
28 Feb 2020
19:00 Lucile Boulanger (gamba) (FR)
Faro, Bishop's Palace
29 Feb 2020
21:30 Tiago Moita (bass and declamation), Filipa Oliveira (recorders), João Janeiro (harpsichord)
Faro, Lethes Theater